RURU Corps, ruangrupa, and Rakata Adventure present:


25-27 September 2015

Tanakita Camping Ground, Mount Gede Pangrango, Sukabumi

RRREC Fest in The Valley (RRR ITV) is once again held in Tanakita Camping Ground, Situgunung, Sukabumi; which is situated at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango. This festival aims to be a fun and memorable weekend getaway arena, as well as a platform for the meeting spot of music festivalgoers, musicians, artists, local residents, and interdisciplinary public across the generations; in an intimate, pleasant, laid-back, and beautiful surroundings. We are certain that fresh, clever, and innovative ideas are commonly born in leisurely social gathering style atmosphere, as well as by having casual conversations that are spontaneous and natural. This festival is formulated to resolve the need for this kind of get-together.

On that account, we have lined up a variety of programs that can be gratifying for all, in addition to initiating forums of discussions. Next to the music program there are workshop programs, artist residency, discussions, film screenings, and art exhibitions. Each program in RRR ITV this year is superbly curated by the collaborative enterprise of the dynamic duos: Pasangan Baru and The Secret Agents.

Exclusively for this year’s RRR ITV, we are in collaboration with Ensemble Asia/Asian Music Network; a music project that aspires to create a working network between interdisciplinary independent musicians across Asia and predominantly wishes to engage in collaborative works as well as to develop new ideas that are contextual to the situations in each respective country.

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