KILL YOUR IDOL” video compilation by Fluxcup

(Fluxcup / 11’20”)

Music video compilation with the audio dubbed by the visual artist Fluxcup.


(Mahesa Desaga / 2014 / 16’55” / Javanese / Indonesia Subtext)

Parjo, a truck driver who seldom comes home, tries hard to avoid temptations he encounters on the roads, especially ones with sexual connotation. When Pario finally gets home and is looking to fulfil his sexual needs with his wife, Siti, the childlike Rafi repeatedly interrupts.


(Fitro Dizianto / 2014 /12’25” / Javanese / Indonesia Subtext)

One Friday night, Kipli and Kecap are looking for food. It is already midnight and all the warungs are closed, except for Cak Iwan’s pecel lele warung near the cemetery.


(Dennis Adishwara / 2001 / 29’52”)

Everybody knows El Meler: a sharpshooter, runny nose faced, and the chief of Jalan Haji Subuh. One day, a gang of kids from a neighbouring block turn up to challenge him in a rumble.


(Nawi Ismail / 1980 / 121’)

O.M. Pengantar Minum Racun is performing a duet in an event with Rika; a university student who has stolen the hearts of: Slamet – the son of a wealthy tobacco salesman, Pario – son of an oil businessman, and Sanwani – whose father owns a small auto repair shop. To win Rika’s heart, the three boys compete with high level of pride. This is one of a Warkop films that features plenty of music.

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